100 Quotes in 100 Days

I've come up with an awesome promotion for my business. I call it 100 quotes in 100 days. This is a basic overview of what it is, and how you, or someone you know can participate.

100 quotes in 100 days. If I can give out 100 quotes in the next 100 days (which not coincidentally takes us to Dec 31, 2018. I'm giving away a $100 dollar gift card to one lucky winner! No purchase necessary!

There are four ways to enter this contest.

  1. You can GET A QUOTE from me (see below). Each quote will be worth ten entries into the contest.
  2. You can LIKE & SHARE any of my blog posts or Facebook posts (that reference this contest) on your social media. Each post of mine that you share is worth 3 entries in the contest
  3. You can LEAVE A REVIEW of your buying experience if you have purchased Life Insurance or annuities through me. 
  4. Or you can SEND ME AN AWESOME POSTCARD with your name and contact information. Each post card is worth 1 entry. (limit 10 per household).

What if we don't get to 100 quotes? 
Obviously the goal is to do 100 quotes, but I want to make sure that the people who participate have a chance to win, even if we don't reach my goal, so if at least 100 people get a quote, the prize will be a $100 gift card. If at least 75 people get a quote, the prize will be a gift card valued at a minimum of  $75.  If at least 50 people get a quote, the prize will be a gift card valued at a minimum of  $50. If at least 25 people get a quote, the prize will be a gift card valued at a minimum of  $25. If more than 100 quotes are given the owner of the contest reserves the right to add more prizes.

What's a quote? 
A quote is an official request for information about a life insurance policy, a short term savings account (3 years or longer*), or a long term savings or retirement plan that is not negatively impacted by downturns in the stock market.
I work with over 30 of the top life insurance companies, so a quote from me is an individualized comparison of the best options for your particular situation.

Can people who already have life insurance participate? 
Absolutely. If you have life insurance that you like, it's fun for me to see how your policy compares to what I can do. I may not have a better option for you, and that's totally fine, but if I find something that I think is better, I will let you know. Either way it is up to you, you can keep your current plan or you can sign up with me, it doesn't matter. You are still entered into the drawing whether you sign up or not.

If you have life insurance that you don't like, then I would LOVE to give you a quote, just tell me what you don't like and what you would like and I'll see what I can find. Again this is a no obligation quote, You can get insurance, you can think about it for a while, or you can let me know that it's not the right time, or the right product, or the right anything else, and you will still be entered into the drawing, and we of course will still be friends.

Who can get a quote?
This contest is open to any open to any person 18 years of age or older, who is a legal resident of the united states... unless you live in New York. Specifically any resident of Utah is eligible from a quote from me. Anybody who would otherwise be eligible for a quote, but does not live Utah and is interested in getting life insurance, may be referred to my brokerage for a quote. Either type of quote will qualify for entry in the contest. Other locations may be eligible based one circumstances. Some non-U.S. citizens may also be eligible for a quote, but restrictions may apply.

Who can get a quote on an annuity?
Most annuities are long-term savings vehicles. Some annuities can offer safe and predictable growth for as little as three years. Most annuities have a minimum deposit of at least $5,000. Though some annuities can be paid for an a monthly basis. Annuities are not based on your health, so even people who do not qualify for life insurance can often get an annuity.  To request annuity, you must meet the above requirements. If you think you might be interested in an annuity, we can see if it might be a good fit for you.

What if you are already one of my customers?
Any of my current clients, or anyone who has received a quote from me in the previous 6 months, will not be eligible for a re-quote from me, unless they are quoting a significantly different product, or additional coverages. Any question of eligibility will be determined by the sponsor of the contest.
Current customers will also be able to participate through other entry methods.

How does the "Like and Share" entry work?
It's pretty simple, throughout the contest I will be posting various posts that relate to this contest. If you like one of those posts, and share it on your social media you are eligible for entry. Each time I post about the contest, you can like it and share it for more entries into the contest. If I cannot tell that you have re-shared a post, you will not receive entries for that post unless you let me know that you shared the post. Every post of mine that you share through approved social media is worth 3 entries into the contest.

How do I leave a review?
Reviews will be eligible for entry at a later date. More details will be provided when the review entry system(s) are ready for this contest.

How do I enter with a postcard?
To enter with a post card send an awesome postcard to me at my office.
Address the post card to:

Douglas Warner
100 quotes in 100 Days
276 E pages Ln.
Centerville, Ut 84014

Eligible postcards must contain your name, your age, your mailing address, and a phone number or email address. Limit 5 per household.

Other details
All entries must be received by December 31, 2018. Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. The sponsor of the contest reserves the right to make adjustments to the contest as the contest progresses. Sponsor of the contest is hereby declared the supreme high commander of this contest and enforcer of the rules. Sponsor may have to determine eligibility if status is unclear. The sponsors final decision shall stand. The sponsor reserves the right to limit entries under certain circumstances.

So if you are interested in life insurance, or are curious about life insurance, or if you know somebody that could benefit from more information about life insurance feel free to enter or share this information. The more people who participate the better the odds are that we will get to that $100 prize.

If you request a quote through my website and you don't hear from me within 3 days please follow up with me, to make sure the request came through.

So let the fun begin!