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You already know that life insurance is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your family is taken care of, even if the unexpected happens to you.  The best way to find the right policy for you, is to talk with an independent insurance agent, who works with a variety of companies, and knows what options are available, and what companies will give you the best rates.

At Insurance Matters we know have specialists who can help you find the best rates on life insurance, homeowners insurance and auto insurance. We have someone you can talk to to help you find the best rates and plans for Health insurance (she's amazing)!

Use the tool below to get a quote on your life insurance. If you like the quote, you will see a button to apply and have an agent contact you. If you want an even better plan customized for you and your specific situation, give us a call. We will help make sure you get the right plan for you and the best price.

100 Quotes in 100 Days

I've come up with an awesome promotion for my business. I call it 100 quotes in 100 days. This is a basic overview of what it is, and how you, or someone you know can participate.

100 quotes in 100 days. If I can give out 100 quotes in the next 100 days (which not coincidentally takes us to Dec 31, 2018. I'm giving away a $100 dollar gift card to one lucky winner! No purchase necessary!

There are four ways to enter this contest.

You can GET A QUOTE from me (see below). Each quote will be worth ten entries into the contest.You can LIKE &SHARE any of my blog posts or Facebook posts (that reference this contest) on your social media. Each post of mine that you share is worth 3 entries in the contestYou can LEAVE A REVIEW of your buying experience if you have purchased Life Insurance or annuities through me. Or you can SEND ME AN AWESOMEPOSTCARD with your name and contact information. Each post card is worth 1 entry. (limit 10 per household).

What if we don't get to 100 quot…

Beat the Bank!

Smart people save money. But for years it's seemed like the best interest rate that the banks had to offer was  zero point zero percent. In the past few months interest rates have been rising. For the first time in years the banks will actually give you a return on your investment. But did you know that it's possible to beat the banks. Some of the top financial companies in the world offer a guaranteed return on your money that can beat the banks. Often these companies can beat the banks by a little bit, but sometimes these companies offer rates that are higher, much much higher. Sometimes their rates can even be double what the banks offer. 

This is what one of my favorite companies is offering as of 8/1/2018:

Please let me know if this is something that looks like it could be valuable to you.

Alternatives to Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of your family's financial plan. But what options do you have if you don't qualify for traditional life insurance. Believe it or not you actually have some really good options. In this article we will discuss some of the alternatives you may not have thought about, so you can find a great solution that works for you.

Life insurance
You may not think that you qualify for life insurance, but the fact of the matter is that almost everybody qualifies for some life insurance. There are two common types of insurance that are available to people who would typically be rejected by the insurance companies. The first type of insurance is a final Expense policy. These policies can range from a few thousand dollars up to several thousand dollars. These policies will typically cost more than a person would pay if they were in good health, and will likely have a small death benefit, but they can be a good option for people who don't have any other way …

Pension Changes

In today's world of corporate mergers and downsizing, sometimes even good companies with good retirement plans can be wiped away. It used to be that most people had a pension they could depend on when they retired, but that's not usually the case anymore. Most companies don't even offer a pension.  Unfortunately, many pensions are underfunded, and some of the promises that have been made are not being kept.

You may not have a pension, but even if you do, did you know that some of the top financial companies in the world offer something similar? Whether you have a pension in place or not, you can get a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.  Your retirement could be even better than you thought. You may even have enough money to do some of the things you've always dream of doing.

So what can you expect from these companies?
Guaranteed income for the rest of your lifeProtection and safety for the money you put inIndependent audits and financial strength ratings A c…