Pension Changes

In today's world of corporate mergers and downsizing, sometimes even good companies with good retirement plans can be wiped away. It used to be that most people had a pension they could depend on when they retired, but that's not usually the case anymore. Most companies don't even offer a pension.  Unfortunately, many pensions are underfunded, and some of the promises that have been made are not being kept.

You may not have a pension, but even if you do, did you know that some of the top financial companies in the world offer something similar? Whether you have a pension in place or not, you can get a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.  Your retirement could be even better than you thought. You may even have enough money to do some of the things you've always dream of doing.

So what can you expect from these companies?
  • Guaranteed income for the rest of your life
  • Protection and safety for the money you put in
  • Independent audits and financial strength ratings 
  • A chance to grow your money without risking the money you already have, if you don't need the income yet. 
Photo by David Jakab
What else can you get from these companies that your pension might not offer?
  • A payout that lasts for the rest of your life or the lifetime of your spouse
  • A guaranteed payout that increases every year so you can still make ends meet even if the cost of things goes up
  • A way for your family to inherit the rest of your money if you pass away before what you paid in has been paid back to you.
  • The ability to pull a little extra out in case of an emergency. 

There are some really great options out there. If you're thinking of retirement or if your company has been bought out and you're trying to decide what to do, you should talk to an independent agent and see what they can do for you. There are a lot of great products out there, but not every company offers all of the features listed above, and some companies offer better rates than others. So the best way to learn about your options is to talk to someone who is independent. Independent agents can shop around and get quotes from many of the top ranked companies, so independent agents can find you the best rates on the products that fit your situation. Independent agents can compare the plans and help you find the best solutions for your specific goals and needs. With an independent agent you can get a product that is specially suited to meet your needs, instead of having to choose something that only kind of sort of does what you want, because it's the only solution available.

I've talked a lot about why I think it's important for you to work with an independent agent, but there are three things that I think are even more important than this.

#1 When preparing for and planning for your future, you need advisors that you trust.
#2 A good agent will teach you and help you find good solutions, but a good agent trusts you and will not try force their plan on you. A good agent will work with you, but they won't pressure you into doing something. They let you decide.
#3 You should be comfortable with the plan, and if you set something up, it should bring you peace and security. 

 If you've recently had your pension bought out, I'd love to talk to you and see if we can find a solution that helps meet your goals. I'm low pressure, because I believe in helping people meet their goals, not my goals for them. I'm happy to answer questions, and best of all, the consultation is free.
I'd love to meet with you, and if you would like to see what an independent agent can do for you, please give me a call. I'm Douglas Warner from the Michael Berg Insurance Agency in Centerville, Utah, and you can reach me at (435)590-2190.

We are local enough to care, but smart enough to know that we can't do this on our own. That's why we work with dozens of the top rated companies, like Principal Financial, Great American, Lincoln Financial, Nationwide, Pacific Life, Voya, and others. We want your retirement to exceed your expectations. If you want to know more, give us a call, or send me an email. I'm happy to help in any way I can.